Amalgam Free Dentistry in Hamilton Ontario

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of great dentistry is that it looks natural. Although metal fillings can adequately treat decayed teeth, one of the criticisms about them is that they are highly noticeable, especially when laughing or talking. To address these concerns, Dentistry on Queenston is proud to offer amalgam-free dentistry to correct dental problems and give you a healthy photogenic smile. 
Amalgam-free dentistry allows us to enhance your oral health and smile's appearance without the need of amalgam or mercury materials. Whether you need a broken tooth fixed, gum disease treated, or gaps closed, our amalgam-free dental solutions maximize your smile's health and appearance. 
We offer a wide array of family and cosmetic amalgam-free dental treatments which include dental crowns, dental bridges, bonded fillings, root canal therapy, non-surgical gum therapy, and tooth implants. Our dedicated dental team will work with you to ensure your oral health needs are met. Contact our practice in Hamilton, Ontario, to set up an appointment today. We proudly serve the Burlington, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, and Oakville communities. 

Amalgam Free Dentistry in Hamilton ON  Amalgam Free Dentistry in Hamilton