Dental Crowns in Hamilton Ontario

Dental crowns, or caps, are one of the best ways to restore teeth that are broken, weak, or decayed. When a tooth is suffering from extensive decay or damage, a bonded filling may not be enough to adequately restore the tooth. For this reason, a crown may be required which treats the tooth's entire visible surface. Once a crown is placed, it strengthens the tooth's structure and provides a strong protective barrier against further fracture or decay. For this reason, a crown is recommended when a tooth is suffering from extensive damage or decay.
Dental crowns can be used to restore teeth that are decayed, fractured, cracked, stained, and weak. In addition, A crown can be used to attach a dental bridge or cover an tooth implant. Simply put, crowns offer amazing restorative and cosmetic benefits for your smile.
Just like other dental restorations, dental crowns can be made from a number of different materials which include metal, gold alloy, porcelain, ceramic and even a mixture of these substances. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages and the dental team at Dentistry on Queenston will help you to choose the best type of crown for your smile.
It usually takes two appointments to place a crown. During the first visit, the dentist will first remove the decayed portion and thoroughly clean the tooth. The dentist will make an impression of the problematic tooth that will be used this to create your permanent dental crown. Your dental crown will be made in a state-of-the-art dental lab. Your tooth is covered with a temporary crown while you are waiting for your permanent restoration. Once it is ready, your temporary crown is removed and the dentist attaches the permanent one to the tooth. The dentist will check that the crown is a proper fit and smooth out any rough edges. If you are looking for dental care that is both effective and comfortable, contact Dentistry on Queenston in Hamilton, Ontario, to schedule an appointment today. We proudly serve the communities of Burlington, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, and Oakville. 

Dental Crowns in Hamilton OntarioDental Crowns in Hamilton ONDental Crowns in Hamilton