Migraine Pain Prevention in Hamilton, Ontario

One of the most common causes of morning migraines and headaches is bruxism. Bruxism is a night time sleeping disorder that causes patients to grind and clench their teeth while sleeping. Because these behaviors occur when patients are asleep, they are often unaware. Because teeth grinding and clenching place excessive amounts of pressure on the jaws joints and chewing surfaces it can wear down teeth and cause chronic headache pain.
Dentistry on Queenston in Hamilton offers stabilization splints to effectively prevent grinding and clenching and to reduce headache pain. Stabilization splints are a small mouthpiece that is worn while sleeping that relaxes your joints and muscles and protects your teeth. These oral appliances are custom-made to your teeth's specifications so they are comfortable to wear and will not trigger your gag reflex while sleeping. They have been shown to be quite effective and can cut down on abnormal muscle contractions by nearly 70%.
If you would like to reduce your headaches and migraines in a safe and natural way, stabilization splints may be right for you. The dental team Dentistry on Queenston is committed to relieving your migraine pain once and for all. Contact our practice in Hamilton to set up an appointment.