Root Canal Therapy in Hamilton Ontario

Has your dentist told you that your tooth requires a root canal therapy? If so, don't worry. A root canal therapy can relieve tooth pain and save your tooth from possibly dying. Underneath the hard outer layer, a tooth contains soft tissue known as dental pulp. Dental pulp is made up of many blood vessels and nerves which help to keep the tooth healthy during its developmental phase. Once the tooth is fully developed it can use the surrounding tissues for nourishment and survive without the pulp.
A root canal has various benefits including:
•    Improving chewing ability
•    Relieving pain and stopping infection
•    Restoring your biting ability
•    Protecting other teeth from becoming worn down
A root canal treatment may be needed if the tooth is suffering from extensive decay or damage which can put the tooth at risk of an infection. It may also be required if a tooth has a chip, crack or has a faulty dental crown. Any of these situations, if left untreated, can lead to an infection within the tooth. 
A root canal therapy is a process of removing the infected dental pulp and carefully cleaning the inner chamber to disinfect it. The area is then refilled and resealed with a special dental material known as gutta-percha. As a final step a dental crown or bonded filling is adhered to the tooth to protect it from further infection or fracture. 
Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy actually relieves your pain and enhances your tooth's strength and health. With proper oral hygiene and care, a root canal treated tooth can last for many years. To learn all about root canal treatment contact Dentistry on Queenston, dentist in Hamilton, to speak with us today.

Root Canal Therapy in Hamilton OntarioRoot Canal Therapy in Hamilton ON

Root Canal Therapy in HamiltonRoot Canal Treatment Hamilton Ontario

Root Canal Treatment Hamilton ON